Human Resources Integrated Solutions.

Payroll and Staff Administration

Perfectly orchestrated documents.

Outsourcing the staff administration and payroll activity will assure you cost efficiency and in the same time having access to a high level of expertise. 



  • Monthly payroll calculation based on the employment contract data, monthly timesheet and other documents;
  • Providing monthly reports regarding customized payroll costs according to clients requirements;
  • Drafting  up and submitting the monthly return-112 concerning salary contributions and taxes;
  • Drafting up and submitting the yearly return- 205 concerning income taxes;
  • Providing monthly pay slips for the employees;
  • On-line banking wages payment, if requested by the client;
  • Collection of receivables for the amounts resulted from sick leaves and social security compensations;
  • Providing monthly/yearly reports concerning holidays/sick leaves;
  • Monthly and Annual statistical reports or other workforce related reports required by authorities;



  • Drafting and operating the employment contracts from the start of activity until the end;
  • Drafting GDPR annex to the employment contract for the complying of the EU regulation;
  • Drafting the cessation or suspending decisions for the employment contracts based on the data received from the client, according to the law;
  • Drafting the certificates attesting the employees activity within the company;
  • Recording all the data regarding start, modification or ending of the employment contracts in REVISAL, according to the law;
  • Drafting the reports concerning holidays/sick leaves;
  • Drafting job descriptions, Internal Regulations and Collective Employment Contract;
  • Drafting the documents required in case of disciplinary hearing of the employee;
  • Representing the client in relation with legal authorities (Labour Inspectorate, Pension House, Health Insurance, Employment Agency) in case of inspections;
  • Drafting the certificates attesting the employee’s activity within the company whenever they are required by state agencies, banks, etc