With a portfolio of over 100 clients managed throughout their career, the Fox Expert team of specialists in human resources consulting will find and apply the right solution in multiple situations.

Fox Expert Human Resources Consulting Services

Permanently variable legislation, the labor market in which the only constant is change, here are just a few reasons why any business could benefit from a professional human resources consulting offer.How can Fox Expert help you in this regard? Here are just a few ideas:
  • Designing the best organizational development strategies;
  • Choosing the best policies for filling the vacancy;
  • Conception and permanent adjustment of the individual employment contract model;
  • Choosing the best strategy in case of labor disputes;
  • The professional inadequacy of the employees and the incompatibility with the organization’s policies and culture;
  • Internship within your company;
  • The conclusion of civil service contracts/civil agreements and individual work contracts at the same time – benefits and risks;
  • The introduction of specific clauses in the individual employment contract;
  • Consulting human resources in the management of cases of disciplinary violations;
  • Drafting the disciplinary investigation procedure and its application in the disciplinary investigations carried out when necessary;
  • Choosing the right type of contract, in accordance with the activity performed by your collaborator/employee;
  • Ways of normalizing work and situations related to overtime;
  • All fiscal and recruitment aspects related to salary and labor costs;
  • The flow of documents in the human resources activity: working procedures for ISO certification, job descriptions, Internal Regulations, Collective Labor Agreement, as well as their correlation with the legislation;
  • Implementation of personnel policies in the company;

How do you recognize a quality human resources consultant?

The best human resources consultant is the one who understands the needs of your company and can help you achieve your goals. It is important to know what to look for in a consultant when you are looking for quality.

There are many qualities that make a good consultant, but all we can say here is, in short, what you will find with us:

  • well-qualified consultants – A good consultant has the necessary experience and education to help you improve your business;
  • consultants with experience in the client’s industry – If your business is in a specific industry, such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality or healthcare, then you will want an HR consultant who has worked with businesses before you in advance, so that he can give you the best possible advice;
  • consultants who can communicate effectively – Good communication skills are essential for any successful relationship between clients and service providers – and that includes HR consultants! A good HR consultant will be able to explain things clearly and answer questions in detail, so that both parties understand the expectations of each of them from this partnership.
  • friendly professionals and easy to work with – Your human resources consultant should be a person who facilitates the work of everyone involved – from you to every level of staff.

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Reasons to call Fox Expert

The human resources consulting service is necessary, because most of the time the simple reading of the legislation will not be enough to manage the problems that inevitably arise in your company’s activity.

Also, through the services provided by Fox Expert, you can benefit from ideas and strategies related to the ways to motivate staff through facilities and advantages granted to employees with a deduction for the employer.

Fox Expert offers HR consulting services – consulting in the field of human resources for companies, helping them manage their human resources because it functions as an external HR department, covering all services, depending on the needs of its clients.

Our human resources consulting services will prove to be really valuable, whether you want an external human resources department, or you need to be seconded in existing projects or practices. In our capacity as a human resources consulting firm, we take care of the entire process:

  • recruitment services,
  • defining compensation and benefits packages,
  • salary or employee satisfaction studies,
  • implementation/review of HR procedures,
  • CCM negotiation
  • carrying out a perfectly legal disciplinary investigation and without burdening your agenda with this bureaucracy.

Fox Expert is based on a team of experts, one of its founders having the idea to offer companies, compared to the limited recruitment, administration and payroll services offered in the past by recruitment and personal administration agencies, all the functions of an outsourced HR department, based on the experience gained both in internal departments or in consulting firms.

Therefore, we also offer solutions to the continuous change of labor legislation or the related bureaucracy, updates of personnel policies and procedures, up to the latest trends in retention, being aware of everything that is happening.

  • human resources management as a whole
  • the necessary support for the business to implement recruitment and management strategies to attract and retain talent
  • integrated human resources solutions
  • assistance in the case of corporate mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring and other change initiatives, to ensure that human resource needs are met

Whether you want to improve or replace your workforce, expand teams or restructure, we are with you in business, obtaining results, concentration, efficiency in the human resources department, but also creative and legal solutions to the problems you face in relation to capital human.

Our vast experience in the field of human resources allows us to help companies in developing and implementing effective strategies for recruiting and retaining the best employees, offering the right benefits in designing the most efficient workflows for all aspects related to human resources.

Our human resources consulting team can also deal with the specific human resources needs of your business, such as:

  • Creating HR policies that align with your company’s values
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Evaluation and remuneration of employees
  • Implementation of policies regarding the integration of new employees
  • Carrying out disciplinary investigations – we are certified as Experts in labor legislation, which allows you to completely outsource the disciplinary investigation process whenever you need it

All our consulting services in the field of human resources are aimed at helping you get the most from and for your team, to understand who your employees are, to find out what they need to perform and to ensure that you have the people suitable in key positions.

Our expert consultants are at your disposal to answer any question you may have regarding your human resources needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify what will work best for each company’s unique goals and needs and on the fact that we have a vast portfolio of loyal clients, thanks to the results, flexibility and solutions offered.

If you want to find out more information about HR consulting, access our article on human resources to find out what it means exactly and what role they play in the development of a company.