Employer Branding and Organisational Studies

The people you keep.


We represent  one of the fewest companies in the human resources field that provides employee satisfaction  surveys having the expertise of the prior implemented projects.


The Employee Satisfaction Survey systems are provided under a maximum confidentiality conditions for the employees and the organization as well.


Here are some aspects which we will reveal :

  • employee satisfaction level;
  • employees attitude in relation with organization work environment, benefits and compensation organization strategies;
  • employees concerns regarding organization strengths and weakness;
  • potential future personnel fluctuation in the near future;
  • identifying any necessity to change the human resources strategies and policies within the company.


Steps :

  • analysing your organization needs: approach of the survey based on the organization climate, personnel structure, desired complexity of the survey;
  • proposing/customizing survey tools according to the number and the type of items;
  • implementation of the questionnaire, collection and interpretation of the data;
  • presenting the report, conclusions and proposal.


Time and costs allocated are reduced, investing in relevant information to human resources management within your organization.




Our long term expertise in projects of employee’s assessment  that we have successfully implemented recommends us to offer you:

  • designing of the assessment procedure and tools, collecting and analyzing all the data required by this procedure, and providing the evaluation reports;
  • customizing the entire assessment process according to the specifics of your company;
  • compliance of the assessment procedure with the legislation stipulations.


Why implementing the assessment process of your employees?

  • it will help you to analyze the professional activity and the results according to the job requirements and the alignment with organization objectives;
  • evaluate proficiency and competency referred to the work behavior within organization;
  • you consolidate employees motivation and appraisal through: transparency, feedback, proposal of a career development plan;
  • you are reminding to the employees management expectations and objectives , performance criteria and standards within your organization.



  • LICENSED PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS: personality, skills and cognitive