RETAIL TRAINER (Make-up/Beauty)


Technical proficiency and communication skills about cosmetics products in general, in particular on treatment and make up products.

Experience in cosmetics as Trainer/Beauty Consultant

Preferable education as Make-up artist, Trainer

Liberal arts education, better if psychology or pedagogy or economics

The candidate has a good appearance and he/she has to know the importance and influence of his/her image on the personnel.

Excellent English knowledge

Communication and commercial skills, precision and great flexibility, the position requires constant trips



He/she analyses and evaluate the sale capability and customer service of the store personnel on all levels, from store assistant to store manager.

He/she plans and supplies the training, considering the priorities and necessities of the sales personnel and observing the company policy. He/she adapts the company materials to support the training.

Following the company disposals, he/she organizes and supplies the theoretical training in class and implements some ad hoc training paths for the “on the job” training and for the “in store” coaching.

He/she provides the permanent update of the personnel to improve the technical skills on the product, the application technique and the sales skills to guarantee the maximization of the KPI of the sales network.

He/she pays a particular attention on the behavior and the customer service level of the sales force .Everybody has to strictly follow the ethical and behavioral code of company.

He/she is constantly in touch with the international teams to define and implement new training models.

He/she actively supports new openings: he/she collaborate on the sales personnel selection, trains them, evaluate skills and sales ability. He/she is present on the opening days to support the sales.

He/she knows how to sell, actively sales to give an example and teaches how to do it.

He/she develops an individual report for each shop highlighting the positive and negative points and the improvement opportunities, sharing them with the store manager and store supervisor.

He/she develops a report to constantly control the ROI ( Return of Investment) of the training activity.

He/she schedule the training sessions on the shops, if not busy on training he/she has to be in store and sell.