Senior Developer (programator)

Recruitment circumstances

The employer is developing and administrating in the last 15 years an Internet platform designed for professional services. The necessary 3 rd party software is open source. The platform itself, the functionality they are all designed in-house. Also the code is written in-house. The company has 16 FTE. Manager, middle management, client service and developers compartment. The development group consists of 4 FTE: one CTO, as main partner in the project, one project manager and 2 senior developers.

By this introductory information, we intend to underline:
a) That the company is not a software company but a services company
b) That the developers are strictly working in behalf one single existing product which is already up and running
c) The employer is a very small company, which means for developers: no highly detailed programming specifications, no testers, no corporatist hierarchy but end-to- end responsibility of developed solutions/services

Necessary competencies

– PHP 5.5
– MySQL 5.6/Aurora 5.6
– ElasticSearch
– OOP, MVC, Yii 1.1 & 2 PHP framework
– HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, node.js), AJAX
– Networking, Amazon AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudSearch)
– Mobile development (Android and/or IOS)

Required experience

– Minimum 3 years of experience with PHP and MySQL.

Required skills and attitude

The ideal candidate needs to be able to handle a development task from the beginning to the end, including the testing stage. He needs to train himself on the job and not to wait to receive fully detailed specifications on his tasks. He has to have the ability to understand the code written and already running and to harmonious integrate his own code in the existing functionality of the platform. For his tasks he receives only functional specifications, and development guidelines but not programming specifications, which has to build himself by training on the job.